JPG or PNG for website images?

Posted on 28/01/2016 17:31:19

As a rule of thumb I use JPG for photos and PNG-8 or PNG-24 for logos etc. Photoshop has an "export for web" function, where you can modify the settings to minimise the file …Read post

To use Wordpress or not to use Wordpress?

Posted on 22/11/2014 23:20:19

Wordpress is a great content management system and an excellent platform overall to quickly set up a website, however the influx of updates to either the core wordpress softw…Read post

To use sliders or not to use them?

Posted on 19/11/2014 12:37:29

Although sliders look appealing, they unfortunately use lots of bandwidth which can adversely affect page load speed, which is a ranking factor on major search engines. Imagin…Read post