JPG or PNG for website images?

Posted on 28/01/2016 17:31:19

As a rule of thumb I use JPG for photos and PNG-8 or PNG-24 for logos etc. Photoshop has an "export for web" function, where you can modify the settings to minimise the file …
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To use Wordpress or not to use Wordpress?

Posted on 22/11/2014 23:20:19

Wordpress is a great content management system and an excellent platform overall to quickly set up a website, however the influx of updates to either the core wordpress softw…
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To use sliders or not to use them?

Posted on 19/11/2014 12:37:29

Although sliders look appealing, they unfortunately use lots of bandwidth which can adversely affect page load speed, which is a ranking factor on major search engines. Imagin…
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