To use Wordpress or not to use Wordpress?

by adesignguy Posted on 22/11/2014 23:20:19 | Category: Website Design

To use Wordpress or not to use Wordpress?

Wordpress is a great content management system and an excellent platform overall to quickly set up a website, however the influx of updates to either the core wordpress software or plugins can render user and bought themes unuseable. This makes it a bit confusing for people that don't know much about computers and cannot program their own website. I find the code itself overly bloated, at least for what I generally need to do.

Another note is that user themes and plugins may contain unsafe code, in either that it is programmed incorrectly, for example it may not sanitise user data properly thus creating various security exploits, or that it is already programmed maliciously.

This is the reason why I programmed my own content management system to do exactly what I need to do as originally I have dabbled with wordpress with my own various websites and sites for others but got tired of updating it and figuring out errors for incompatible plugins and themes used. I have had many headaches with themes created by others where I've created a child theme and it is rendered useless when the latest parent theme is released with bugfixes and new features which creates many more bugs and stress to the end user!


  1. Excellent SEO out of the box
  2. Great responsive features
  3. Loads of additional features
  4. Lots of free themes and plugins
  5. Easy to use
  6. Massive user base
  7. Loads of support on forums


  1. Frequent updates causing problems with themes and plugins, as stated above everytime an update is rolled out, you can gaurantee some plugins and themes will not function correctly.
  2. Some plugins and themes created by the public may not be safe or programmed correctly.
  3. As a website designer / developer this can be a pain to maintain.